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Our mission is to help parents, coaches, and organizations manage health and safety for the wellbeing of youth athletes. Browse and share today.

Our Identity

Player’s Health was first conceived when Founder/CEO Tyrre Burks was temporarily paralyzed during a high school football game. Despite being unable to feel his legs for over 15 minutes, he returned to the field shortly after he was able to stand up. Tyrre continued on to play professionally, but his career was plagued by injuries related to this incident.

Tyrre realized in hindsight that his injury in high school was poorly managed. He decided to bring the high-level of care he experienced professionally to youth sports so that young athletes would never experience the same loose safety conditions that he did. His solution: Player’s Health.

Today, Player’s Health is setting the standard for safety protocol and risk management in the youth sports community. The company works with non-profit, for-profit, and school athletic organizations to provide an end-to-end risk management experience. These risk services include a safety assessment, return-to-play software, health analytics, and a news and media outlet (The Pulse!).

Help us on our mission to striving for the best in health and safety for youth athletes! Get in touch with the contact info below, or share our content to spread the word!

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Telephone: +1 (612) 324-7015
[email protected]

Player’s Health, 701 N Third Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States.
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Our Team

Tyrre Burks

Founder & CEO

Matthew Cox

Senior Editor

Dylan Wong

Chief Correspondent

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