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Player’s Health Partners With Positive Coaching Alliance

Player’s Health Partners With Positive Coaching Alliance August 24, 2016Leave a comment

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Player’s Health partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to promote positive coaching cultures and valuable life skills.

Player’s Health provides a complete circle of care that streamlines communication between coaches, guardians, and athletes. Player’s Health injury management tools allow coaches to focus on skill development and character education.

Player’s Health and PCA are committed to helping youth athletes use sports to achieve their dreams. At Player’s Health our goal is reduce injuries through our interactive platform by allowing all parties to stay connected to an athlete’s wellness.

PCA’s guiding philosophy is that positive coaching optimizes sport performance. The partnership between Player’s Health and PCA emerged from the two company’s mutual dedication toward improving youth athlete health.

Player’s Health credits positive coaching as a key component of injury management, and offers tools to track and manage injuries over time. Player’ Health’s individualized injury management system is designed to improve athlete-to-coach relationships by reducing communication barriers.

Coaches can stay connected to the athlete’s injury status with continual injury status updates from medical professionals, guardians, and the athlete. This extensive communication network allows coaches to appropriately adjust practice structures and helps prevent injured athletes from returning to practice too soon.

Player’s Health develops an outlet for faster recoveries and injury prevention. With instant injury notification tools and paperless compliance management, coaches can focus solely on the athlete and life-long character development.

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