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Player’s Health Partners With SportsEngine

Player’s Health Partners With SportsEngine August 23, 2016Leave a comment

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Player’s Health and  SportsEngine’s registration products and were both sparked from athletic passions. The 2016 partnership between the two companies emerged from a shared passion to improve athlete care and to enhance the sport life experience.

Player’s Health won 2016 Google Demo day for their HIPPA compliant interactive mobile injury management and tracking system. Player’s Health creates a shareable athlete health record that  is designed to connect athletes, coaches, guardians, and medical professionals. At Player’s Health, keeping  athletes safe and healthy is our number one priority. Player’s Health’s partnership with SportsEngine supports our goal of securing and maintaining a safe athletic environment.

The partnership between Player’s Health and SportsEngine will allow both companies to share resources and premiere means to change exigencies within the sports industry. With innovative products unlike any other, Player’s Health and SportsEngine are both improving the network of care and opportunity for athletes.

From Player’s Health’s concussion triage and sports injury management tactics to

SportsEngine’s  all-in- one registration process solution, both companies provide

comprehensive organization, paperless management, and communication promotion platforms  that will enhance the entire athletic ecosystem. Player’s Health and SportsEngine’s products are sold separately through each company. Each product offers extensive materials that take your organization to next level.




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