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Player’s Health Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Player’s Health Celebrates One-Year Anniversary August 23, 2016Leave a comment


Minneapolis, Minnesota- July 20, 2016- Player’s Health, a premiere sports injury management company specializing in injury documentation, celebrated its first anniversary on July 15, 2016.

The company, which recently moved its headquarters from Chicago to Minneapolis, kicked off its anniversary celebration with the opening of new office at 807 West Broadway St. in Northeast Minneapolis. They are now sharing office space with SportsEngine, a new company partner.

Player’s Health is a complete injury management platform that provides medical information and injury reporting for athletic organizations of all sizes. It is a HIPAA-compliant mobile application that is sold as a subscription service to sports organization to help them manage the health and care of athletes.

Player’s Health was founded by CEO Tyrre Burks after he retired from professional football. Burks’ idea for Player’s Health stemmed from a reflection of his tenure as a youth, high school, college, and professional athlete. Burks says he faced countless setbacks because of recurring injuries that were poorly managed. Burks believes many of his obstacles could have been avoided if his injuries were tracked and managed properly.

According to Burks, Player’s Health is revolutionizing the athletic ecosystem because it provides an outlet to expand injury surveillance.

Player’s Health’s injury documentation application won first place at Google Demo Day 2016, and was selected as a part of Google’s HIPPA security and compliant cloud.

Player’s Health Chief Medical Officer, Barnett Frank said Player’s Health is providing care unlike any other system.

“Player’s Health provides a system to effectively and efficiently care for sports injury in youth athletes. Until now, continuity of care for sports injury has predominately been limited to high school, college, and professional athletes. Player’s health provides an integrated care solution for our youngest athletes to help prevent and manage sports-related injury, ” said Frank.

After a successful first year, Player’s Health is continuing to bring their product to more and more sports organizations, schools, and colleges across the county.

Burks says the first year was about establishing Player’s Health in the sports and sports medicine industries, but expects the excitement to increase as the company expands.

“Athletes are already at risk for injuries.  I designed this application because it’s a powerful organizational and data aggregation tool that will aid in injury prevention. I’m excited to improve long-term health and safety for athletes and entire organizations,” said Burks.

As Player’s Health moves toward 2017, they will continue onboarding new schools and organizations. Player’s Health continually develops new features in order to enhance and optimize the system capabilities.

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